Vilar Maior

Transfers of Possession


Transfer of Possession

Previously held by the Portuguese, Vilar Maior passed into the hands of the Kingdom of Leon in 1139 (Fortazelas is not clear on why / how)


Transfer of Possession

A document grants control of Vilar Maior to the village of Sabugal

Building Activity

Date of Known Existance

(Date Issue) Original occupation of site dates to Neolithic period

Original Construction Date

(Date Issue) Following the Roman Conquest in 60 BCE, the Romans reconstructed and fortified the site


Reconstruction Date

Epigraphic inscription notes that the wall of the village was erected at this time


Reconstruction Date

Sometime after the signing of the Alcanizes Treaty, Dinis I orders the Vilar Maior castle renovated to consolidate the border. Extent of intervention is unknown. It is thought that the works were entrusted to the Order of the Templars


Fernandine Wars

In the context of the Fernandine Wars, Fernando I of Portugal orders renovations and repairs made to Vilar Maior


Reconstruction Date

In the context of the Fernandine Wars, Fernando I of Portugal orders renovations and repairs made to Vilar Maior


Reconstruction Date

João I of Portugal initiates further repairs at Vilar Maior

Military Activity

Roman Conquest

(Date Issue) In 60 BCE, the Romans invaded and conquered the castro settlement

700 - 12/31/0875

Muslim Conquest

(No Date) 9th Century Christian reconquering implies an initial Muslim conquest predating the 9th century


Christian Reconquest

Vilar Maior conquered by Christian forces at the end of the 9th century

997 - 12/31/0997

Muslim Conquest

Forces of al-Mansur regain Vilar Maior


Christian Reconquest

Vilar Maior retaken by Christians when Fernando I of Leon expelled the Muslim forces in the so-called "Campanha das Beiras"


Other Conquest

Dinis I of Portugal conquers Vilar Maior in his "Campaign of the Guard"




Afonso IX of Leon and Galicia grants Vilar Maior a charter for its development



Dinis I of Portugal grants Vilar Maior a charter


Treaty of Alcanizes

Portuguese possession of Vilar Maior ensured by the Alcanizes Treaty



Peace with Castile (1411) and the beginning of Portuguese maritime expansion (1415) led to the decline of Vilar Maior. In 1440 the village received "the privilege of couto de homiziados" in order to bolster the settlement


Foral Novo Charter

Manuel I of Portugal grants Vilar Maior the Foral Novo on 1/1/1510

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