Transfers of Possession


Transfer of Possession

Following the recapture of Serpa it was given to D. Fernando, brother of Sancho II of Portugal


Transfer of Possession

Disputed sovereignty cleared when Serpa was transferred to Queen Beatriz of Portugal, daughter of Afonso X of Castile, widow of Afonso III of Portugal, and mother of Dinis I of Portugal

Building Activity

Original Construction Date

(No Date) Roman fortification built to protect section road that connected Beja to Southern Hispania

Date of Known Existance

(No Date) Prehistoric occupation of region


Reconstruction Date

Following the conquest, Muslim settlers fortified Serpa


Reconstruction Date

Following Serpa's first charter, reconstruction of the Muslim fortifications began, taking advantage of part of the rammed earth walls. The Order of Avis donated funds in 1320 to continue the rennovations

Military Activity

Roman Conquest

(No Date) Roman conquest took over the settlement in the region, it was already known as Serpa prior to the conquest


Other Conquest

(No Date) Successive conquests by the Alans, Vandals, Suevi, and Visigoths


Muslim Conquest

Muslim forces conquered the region


Christian Reconquest

Area captured by Afonso I of Portugal or Geraldo Sem-Aavor

1190 - 1191

Muslim Conquest

Almohad Abu Yusuf Yaqub al-Mansur; military push to Tangus River


Christian Reconquest

The forces of Sancho II of Portugal, under the command of D. Paio Peres Correia, recovered Serpa - date is either 1230 or 1232


Contested Sovereignty

When Afonso III of Portugal concluded the conquest of the Algarve, Afonso X of Castile legally contested the sovereignty of Serpa, arguing it had been assigned to Castile in 1271

1383 - 1385

Succession Crisis

During the Succession Crisis of 1383-1385 Serpa served as the base of operations for Portuguese Troops in incursions into Castilian territory




Dinis I granted Serpa its first charter


Foral Novo Charter

Manuel I of Portugal granted Serpa the Foral Novo

Event Research by Brittany Forniotis

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