Transfers of Possession

Transfer of Possession

(Date Issue) 318 BCE Phoenicians founded the Trade Post Myrtilis, meaning "New Tyre"


Transfer of Possession

Following the fall of the Caliphate of Córdoba, Mértola became an independent kingdom (Taifa of Mértola)


Transfer of Possession

Mértola becomes an independent kingdom again - Second Taifa of Mértola


Transfer of Possession

Sancho II of Portugal donated Mértola to the Military Order of Santiago

Building Activity

Original Construction Date

(No Date) Following the Roman conquest, the region underwent significant development. It became a center of mining and agriculture. The village was surrounded by a fortification wall

Date of Known Existance

(No Date) First occupation of site is prehistoric


Reconstruction Date

Between 930 and 1031, Mértola's defenses were repaired


Reconstruction Date

Reconstruction of fortifications, including the tower (ribat) on the south side of the alcove

1171 - 1184

Reconstruction Date

Renovations and reconstruction to fortification undertaken under the Almohad Caliphate by Abu Hafece (Abu Hafs Umar?), the brother of the Caliph: panels of the fence/wall, the gate of the castle, a tower

1254 - 1292

Reconstruction Date

Construction of the donjon followed the 1254 charter and concluded in 1292. It was built under the direction of João Fernandes, according to an inscription on the donjon door.

1279 - 1383

Reconstruction Date

During the reign of Dinis I of Portugal the alcove was rebuilt and the town wall was begun. These works would continue through the successive reigns of Afonso IV, Pedro I, and Fernando I.


Reconstruction Date

Improvements made to fence and alcove

1480 - 1490

Reconstruction Date

In the 1480s the main mayor's hours was built adjacent to the Tower of Menagem


Reconstruction Date

Following the granting of the Foral Novo, the defenses of Mértola were improved

Military Activity

Roman Conquest

(No Date) Roman conquest occurred prior to 44 BCE


Other Conquest

(No Date) Successively conquered and plundered by the Suevi and Visigoths


Muslim Conquest

Muslims controlled Mértola from the 8th century


Muslim Conquest

Mértola overtaken by Al-Mutamid, of the Taifa of Seville


Christian Reconquest

The forces of Sancho II of Portugal took Mértola




D. Paio Peres Correia granted Mértola a charter


Treaty of Monção

2nd Treaty of Moncao returns all military land to the Portuguese Crown


Foral Novo Charter

Manuel I of Portugal grants Mértola the Foral Novo

Event Research by Brittany Forniotis

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