Penha Garcia

Transfers of Possession


Transfer of Possession

Donated to the Order of Santiago by Afonso II to populate and defend the region


Transfer of Possession

Donated to the Order of Templars by Dinis I of Portugal


Transfer of Possession

Penha Garcia transferred back to the Crown of Portugal between 1309 and 1310, following the collapse of the Order of the Templars


Transfer of Possession

The Crown of Portugal donated Penha Garcia back to the Order of Christ

Building Activity

Date of Known Existance

(No Date) Earliest settlement on site a Neolithic castro

1185 - 1211

Original Construction Date

Castle believed to be constructed under Sancho I of Portugal following the Christian Reconquest. Part of a fortification policy he developed in the Beira region in response to threats from the Kingdom of Leon to the east and Muslims to the south


Reconstruction Date

Construction of new towers under Manuel I of Portugal

Military Activity

Roman Conquest

(No Date ) Roman Conquest overtook Neolithic castro settlement and began mining alluvial gold in the Consul River

700 - 12/31/0800

Muslim Conquest

(No Date) Implied Muslim Conquest


Christian Reconquest

(No Date) Christian forces, possibly of Sancho I of Portugal, retake the region




Afonso III of Portugal grants a charter letter to the village



João I of Portugal institutes a "couto for 12 homiziados" to increase the population of Penha Garcia


Foral Novo Charter

Penha Garcia receives Foral Novo from Manuel I of Portugal

Event Research by Brittany Forniotis

Fusion 360 Model by: Audrey Magnuson, Stone Mathers