Transfers of Possession

Roman Conquest

(No Date) First occupation of the site dates to the Roman occupation of Iberia


Transfer of Possession

Castle and protection of the region given to the Order of the Templars by Afonso I of Portugal's brother-in-law, Fernão Mendes de Bragança II


Transfer of Possession

Sancho I of Portugal exchanges Idanha for Mogadouro ("certainly more attractive to the Templars"); however, "a few decades later the village is again mentioned as belonging to the Order"


Transfer of Possession

Under Afonso II of Portugal, Mogadouro once again was given to the Order of the Templars. Church stayed under royal patronage.


Transfer of Possession

Mogadouro transferred to the Order of Christ


Transfer of Possession

João I of Portugal donated the mayoral house to Àlvaro Pires de Távora

Building Activity


Original Construction Date

(No Date) A castle seems to have existed from the time of the Christian Reconquest, but Fortalezas is unclear if a castle pre-existed this period

1160 - 12/31/1165

Reconstruction Date

Castle reinforced or enlarged by the Order of the Templars to update it to the current military architecture. It is believed that this reconstruction was similar in form to the concurrent changes made to Penas Roias by the Order of the Temple: fortification with isolated keep in center of walled enclosure, defended by square towers.


Reconstruction Date

New charter begins the creation of a defensive wall around Mogadouro


Reconstruction Date

Following the transfer to the Order of Christ, Gothic renovations were made to the castle. Exact date of major changes in the 14th and 15th centuries are unknown, but they include the "oval profile of its defense" and the construction of buildings inside the walls"


Reconstruction Date

Some time after João II of Portugal visited Mogadouro in the autumn of 1483, he commissioned Cristóvão de Baião, a Knight of the Royal House, to make repairs to its defensive structures

Military Activity


Other Conquest

(No Date) Archaeology shows Visigothic occupation of region

700 - 12/31/0800

Muslim Conquest

Muslim occupation of region began in the 8th century. Possibly responsible for the region's name. Secondary north-south road through the region described as the "so-called Moorish Road"




Afonso III of Portugal granted a charter to Mogadouro to increase the population and improve the defense of the region



Under Dinis I of Portugal, Mogadouro has its charter renewed


Foral Novo Charter

Mogadouro granted the Foral Novo

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