Transfers of Possession


Transfer of Possession

Domains of Idanha-a-Nova were donated to the Order of the Temple by Afonso I of Portugal


Transfer of Possession

Sancho I of Portugal confirms the donation of Idanha-a-Nova to the 7th Master of the Order of the Temple, D. Lopo Fernandes

1309 - 12/31/1310

Transfer of Possession

When the Order of the Temple dissolved, Idanha-a-Nova returned to the Crown of Portugal from 1309-1310


Transfer of Possession

The Crown bestows Idanha-a-Nova on the Order of Christ upon its creation

Building Activity

Roman Conquest

(No date) Roman villa present on site

Date of Known Existance

(No date) Roman villa present on site


Original Construction Date

Around 1187 the Order of the Temple began constructing the medieval castle, under the direction of D. Gualdim Pais. Fortazelas does not mention whether or not the previous occupants of the site fortified it.

Military Activity

700 - 07/26/1139

Muslim Conquest

(No Date) Initial Muslim conquest occurred sometime before the reign of Afonso I of Portugal

1143 - 11/30/1165

Christian Reconquest

Sometime between the coronation of Afonso I of Portugal and Nov 30 1165, the forces of Afonso I conquered Idanha-a-Nova, establishing a border with both the Kingdom of Leon and Castile and the Almohad Caliphate




Sancho I of Portugal granted Idanha-a-Nova a charter



Afonso II of Portugal reconfirms the charter of Idanha-a-Nova


Foral Novo Charter

Idanha-a-Nova receives the Foral Novo from Manuel I of Portugal

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